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At Choice International we specialize in protecting your life and the lives of your loved ones

We offer the best options according to your specific needs

With a track record of more than 15 years working for insurers, we can offer you the best products on the market according to your needs.

International health insurance

Individual, family and corporate

Access to the best medical providers worldwide.

We represent companies with the most experience and diversified portfolio of products to meet the needs of each family. Nowadays health costs are on the rise and this product is considered crucial for the financial protection since a disease can bring large-scale economic consequences on a family


Individual, family and corporate

We offer Term Life, Universal Life and Whole Life insurance.

These products are adapted to the needs of retirement planning, educational funds, succession planning , protection of key executives and family protection in the event of the death of the head of the family. We also offer group insurance for companies looking to provide life coverage to key employees within an organization as a talent retention benefit.
También ofrecemos seguros colectivos para empresas que buscan darle cobertura de vida a empleados claves dentro de una organización como beneficio de retención de talento.



In the event of an accident or illness you could not continue working, a temporary or permanent disability insurance would allow you and your family to maintain a satisfactory standard of living.


Individual, family, corporate and group

Travel safely with the best protection including coverage for Covid-19.

Protect your trip, your health, your life, your family and your belongings. We offer multiple plan options to choose from short stay, long stay, for students, professional sports and for frequent travelers.



We advise ourselves on the best options for the market to give you access to the world financial market through regular contribution plans, single contributions, corporate bonds and structured notes. Through us, you can have access to world-class fund managers and financial providers. We also represent companies that offer prepaid college tuition programs for your children to have access to the best Universities in the world.


Individual, family, corporate and group

We offer coverage for Kidnapping, extortion, Works of art, collector cars, and yachts. Ideal plans for families with high purchasing power or for companies that have employees working in high-risk places.

Choice International is an individual, family, group and corporate insurance broker. Based in Miami, we offer quality products and services to clients in Latin America and the United States.